In short ...

Olimond is a community of individuals and professionals who provide services to each other.

On Olimond you can either be an Asker, a Helper or both:

  • As an Asker: request a service, select a helper and get the job done.
  • As a Helper: provide a service to an asker and get paid.

It's free to sign up, free to post service requests and free to get leads.

The Asker

1. Create a service request
Fill out a form with all the details: title, description, location, date and time, pictures.
You can ask for a professional or leave your request open to everyone. However the Law requires certain services to be carried out by licensed and insured professionals.
2. Name your price or request a quote
That's right! With Olimond you can decide the fair price you are willing to pay.
Tip: if you are looking for a professional, offer more than what you would pay to a simple individual.
3. Helpers come to you
Don't waste time searching for service providers, they come to you. Helpers apply and you select one based on reviews and job history.
4. Get the job done
Get in touch with the helper, confirm the scope of work, agree on a date and on a method of payment. Then get it done! Pay the helper directly or by the intermediary of Olimond using Zelle at or at +1 732-507-8726.

The Helper

1. Browse through the service requests
You can be a professional or an individual. However for certain services, the Law requires that you are a licensed and insured professional. As long as you are honest and have the skills other people are looking for, you are welcome to join Olimond. It's free to sign up and free to get leads.
2. Apply
Identify the jobs you have the skills for, read the reviews and apply.
3. Get selected
Wait to be selected for a job you applied to, reach out to the asker, confirm the scope of work, agree on a date and on a method of payment.
4. Do the job
Provide a quality service and get paid. The asker can pay you directly and you then pay a commission to Olimond by check or via Zelle (we trust you!). Or the the asker can send their payment to Olimond and we then transfer the funds to you via Zelle, retaining an agreed commission.